Mountain with holes tour in Tirana

Mountain with holes tour in Tirana

Mountain with Holes (Albanian: Mali me Gropa) is one of the rarest karst phenomena in Albania and one of the fewest in Europe for its sizes. The name of this mountain has taken after its upper surface, which is filled with karst pits, all of them formed by the lime-stone digestion during the glacial age. These giant holes have a depth ranging from several tens of meters to over 100 meters in certain areas. Some of these holes end with wells that expand into underground karst caves. This mountain is the source of some water streams that cross the district of Tirana.

The source of Selita drinking water is supplied by the streams of this mountain. The highest peak of this Mount reaches 1847.3 meters, which is called Mceku peak (also known as Miceku). It is a destination for all mountaineer enthusiasts. In winter it is almost always covered with snow, which reaches occasionally up to several meters, making it suitable for extreme skis. There are no signs, but there are trail that leads to the highest altitude. The mountain is largely without trees, except for small vegetation.

The road to this mountain can continue in two directions Tirana -Qafëmollë and Tirana – Shenmeri (Shengjergj). The road to Shenmeri and Qafëmollë is better. Then it is continues on a rural road and climbing up to the destination. It is really a rewarding experience…

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