Hike to Mountain Dajti tour in Tirana

This day trip is for active people who enjoy hiking to the top and receive stunning views in return. We start the trip with a panoramic cable car ride to the National park, after which we will follow a trail through the oak forest, until we reach the peak of Tujani. After a snack we will walk down, back to the park where you can enjoy a refreshment or a good lunch at one of the many nice restaurants. Tirana, Albania’s capital, extends westwards from the foothills of Mount Dajti, 1612 meters high. A visit to the Dajti National Park is a great way to spend a day in an attractive mountainous landscape outside and literally ‘above’ the city. This tour starts with a relaxed trip up the mountain with the Dajti Express cable car gondolas, which offers a great view over Tirana and its surroundings. Once we arrive at the top, the tour hits a well-trodden trail that winds through the oak forest to the Cherry Pass, which runs between the two peaks of Dajti. The tour continues further along the trail, with continuous views of the western lowlands of Albania and the Adriatic coast. The trail leads to the peak of Tujani (1,580 m), which is the highest point that can be reached by foot. From the peak, the panorama broadens inland and you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lake Bovilla locked between the mountains and the remote highlands of Tirana, dominated by the St. Mary Miçek Mountain. After a snack break near the peak, we start walking back towards the cable car station for another quick ride to Tirana. There are many nice restaurants in Mount Dajti. Those who would like to enjoy lunch at any of these restaurants are free to do so at their own expense.


Distance: 25.4 km from Tirana


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Time: Time: 56 minutes (by car)

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