Communist Architecture tour in Tirana

Albanians suffered almost 50 years isolation from communist regime from (1944-1990). Traces of the that bitter part of history still can be found in different parts of Tirana. Communist building complexes are spread all over the city. They used to be grey and ugly, all 5 storey apartments with the same style, same balconies. It was so difficult to differentiate them from each other. The style was adopted from Soviet Architecture.  But after communism fell in ’90s, Tirana was given a makeover. It was painted with bright colors, and various patterns.

To get a better picture of communism buildings in Tirana, we suggest you to take our tailored tour for you. We start with visiting National Historical Museum, the largest museum institution in Albania. The façade of National Historical Museum is a giant mosaic in size 10 x 40 m with a surface area of 400 m2. It features 13 figures, the group of Illyrians and anti-Ottoman fighters, the National Renaissance figures, the two iconic figures: the worker and the peasant, and five figures representing the soldiers of National Liberation War.

After visiting National Museum, we are going to step at Palace of Culture which in the same area. The Palace of Culture was built on the former Old Bazaar of Tirana and the first brick was laid by former Soviet President Nikita Khrushchev, on June 3, 1959. The building of this palace has a significant influence from the Palace of Congresses in Rome and from the building of the Fjnnish Station in St. Petersburg. It ended in 1963.

After that, we will leave Skanderbeg square and head to Gallery of Arts, situated on Boulevard of Martyrs (Deshmoret e Kombit) and then we pass through Rinia Park to get to see Shallvare complex. Next, we are walking along the Boulevard of Martyrs to visit the Pyramid and the Palace of Congresses. The last one was designed and built in the 1980s as a symbol of communist ideology and expression of the power of the totalitarian regime.

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