The Hidden Waterfall-tour in Tirana

It is one of the most unique waterfalls of the Murdhari brook. The waterfall it flows inside the mountain. The stream water passes through its bed in the depths of the mountain and creates a waterfall of about 7-8 meters high. The place where it falls is almost in the darkness except the part of the river that allows the light to enter. The inhabitants of the area call it “The Black Pond”. To reach the path there is a bit difficult and slippery. The waterfall is very impressive and mystical. There are also some legends about this place as the locals say. To arrive at this destination is followed by the road from Tirana to the village Krrabë and then proceeded on foot through the paths, towards the entrances of Murdhar. With the help of a local guide is easy to find it. There are no orienteering signs to go to this destination.

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Reference from: Visit Tirana

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