The Drowning Cave tour in Tirana

Do you know that Tirana have other hidden caves, apart Pellumbas Cave?

Well one of them is the Drowning Cave, (Al- Shpella e Mbytjes) which is situated very close to Krraba Village.

The road to the cave is somehow difficult to find by a lonely tourist. You can go by a car till to a remote military department which is near Krraba Village. Then you have to follow a trail which is 15-20 minutes walking. But you need a local guide to go there, because is very difficult to find the entrance of the cave. It is hidden place and you can’t see with first sight. If you look carefully there are some sings which are marking the trail to the cave.  The cave is 160 metres deep, while the altitude is up to 15 metres. This cave has a diversity of stalactites and stalagmites which differs from color and shape (from crystal white to red and brown which are fixed by few photographers who went there).

The entrance is very small, because it was narrowed by stones fallen from mountains. This is why it is called the ‘Drowning Cave’, because it is ‘drowned by stones’ and you can hardly find. As you enter, you will be impressed by the real altitude of the Cave. In its end there is a beautiful dome, from which are hanging many different stalactites. They give this cave the form of a Temple. Until now this Cave has seen very few visitors.  In fact only the local and two or three nature adventurers have managed to go inside. One of them is the photographer Albert Cmeta, who took some photos of this amazing cave, published in the Album #TiranaThroughLens, and we are presenting to you with these photos and cave’s history.

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Reference from: Visit Tirana

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