The Museum of the Bank of Albania

The Museum of the Bank of Albania was inaugurated on 30 October 2015, combining elements of a museum and didactics. It is situated within the headquarters of the central bank in the main square of the capital. Each of the two floors is conceived as an independent space from the other.

The Museum of the Bank of Albania contains a rich collection, like hoards, coins and banknotes, cheques, bonds, securities, lek bills, medals, as well as ethnographic objects, part of our cultural heritage.

The former operational hall presents the history of the central bank of Albania, its role in maintaining price stability and safeguarding the financial stability, as well as its constitutional functions. Like other rooms of the Museum, this hall also offers various audio-visual communication tools such as films, apps and quizzes.

The Hologram Chamber displays virtual 3D objects, projected at 360 degrees. The use of this technology helps tell the story of ancient coins that introduces the visitor the ancient civilizations that have lived in regions of Albania, the story of coins that our ancestors have minted and used.

Reference from: Visit Tirana

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