Shmoku Canyon in Tirana

The Canyon of Shmoku is located in the suburb of ‘Priskë e Madhe’ village. The canyon is 10 meters high. The rock formation is “pumice” and sandstone. Its length is about 200-300 meters where in certain areas it becomes narrow and high. Along the canyon there are small waterfalls, creating a beautiful panorama. The Brook of Shmoku created this formation, the waters are crystal and this brook collects waters coming from mountains and the area around Priska. The stream flows into Erzen River. To go to this canyon you have to follow the road from Tirana to Priskë e Madhe village by car and then you can proceed by foot. The path to Shmoku Canyon is easy. There are not orientation marks and it is not very known by the local outdoor guides. Photo and information are courtesy of Albert Cmeta in his Album #TiranaThroughLens.

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Reference from: Visit Tirana

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