Shengjergji Tour in Tirana

Shengjergji is located in the east of Tirana, about 40 km far from it. Shengjergji is a mountain relief where the lowest quota is the bed of the Erzen River and the highest quota is the Mali me Gropa (Mountain with holes). We recommend you to visit this area while you are in Tirana, because it has wonderful view with hilly and mountains terrain. This area is rich with numerous water springs and lakes.

During XII-XIV centuries this area was called “Tomadhe” or “Tame Dea”- The Goddess of Water Resources”. After 1600s, it was called “Shëngjergji”.

In the territory of Shengjergji there are numerous churches. The existence of the names of the villages Shengjergji, Shenmri, Shengjin, as old dwellings; nowadays inhabited villages close to each other and tens of saints’ names, such as the names of the places, the streams and churches which have remained as toponyms, refer to a special history.

 What to visit:

Shengjini Waterfall, Ruins of Shengjin Castle, Shen Gjergji Castle, Vali’s Cave, the place of the shrine and the old grave and Mali me Gropa (Mountain with Holes”.

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Reference from: Visit Tirana

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