Old Villas tour in Tirana

Tirana is a city with mixed architecture, from Ottoman sarays, Italian villas etc. Through this itinerary we want to show you some of the remaining and interesting villas of old Tirana.

We will start with Selim Pasha Toptani’s Saryas, which is located near the Skanderbeg square. The Sarays were built around 1833-1840 and are one of the few mansion of feudal lords preserved in the cities of Albania. The Saray is an architectural complex with walls, yards, wells, roads, large gates, dwellings and auxiliary environments.

Then we will continue to visit Villa Petrela, a beautiful villa located at the intersection of two main roads, Barrikada Street and Dibra Street. This villa is built in the years 1927.

After this we will go to Durrësi Street to see the building of the Vatican Embassy and a few meters away is the Ministry and Education and Sports.

Another interesting villa is the villa of Sali Shijaku. It is a typical example of a Tirana dwelling. Built in the first half of the 19th century, it represents the most developed stage of this kind of dwelling. This villa is owned by the painter Sali Shijaku, where he displays all of his work at this villa. This is considered as one of the oldest houses in the Balkans.

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