Ndroqi Castle

Ndroqi Castle is situated in suburb of Tirana, over the hill of the Ndroqi village, in the left side of Erzen River valley. It is 387 metres above the sea. This castle belongs to the fourth century AD, and has been part of the defense system of the city of Durres , communicating also with Tirana fortifications of Dorëzi and Petrelë. This castle is part of Ndroq Administrative unit. From top of the hill you can see the city of Tirana, Durresi or other castles around Tirana, such as: Petrela Castle, Ishmi Castle, Preza Castle and a little a bit you can see the castle of Berati. This is one of the most biggest castles of Tirana.

Back in middle ages, the castle of Ndroqi with the Peza area and Kavaja region, is called Tumenisht. Austrian historian J G Han says that the road to Ndroqi is well known during XI century as a alternative road of Via Egnatia which linked the Durres city with Ohrid and Costandinopoja. The remains of this castle are still there.

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