Albania Reaches Record of 10 Million Foreign Tourists This Year-End

Albania welcomed its 10 millionth passenger on December 25, 2023, marking the highest historical number. This is a success that adds to Albania’s ongoing achievements.

The continuous increase in the number of tourists reflects the aspirations and strategic initiatives of the Albanian government.

The Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro, during the presentation of tourism-related objectives, stated that “The most important question for tourism this year was answered these festive days, so let’s celebrate it together with the belief that in 2024 we will continue to break records towards the goal of being champions of tourism in the Balkans.”

The high numbers of foreign visitors even during the winter months confirm the increasing trends of visiting Albania throughout all the months of the year, a positive indicator of sustainable year-round tourism.

Touristic Albania in four seasons, a dream made reality with 10 million foreign tourists in 2023, inspires and gives confidence that the coming year will be even more successful.