The National Tourism Agency (AKT) is a public institution with the status of a legal entity, public, budgetary, and operates under the Ministry of Tourism and Environment.

As an institution, it was first established in 2005 under the name “Albanian Tourism Office,” and later, based on Law No. 9734, dated 14/05/2007, it was renamed the National Tourism Agency.

The National Tourism Agency carries out its activities in support and implementation of the Constitution, Law No. 93/2015, “On Tourism,” CMD No. 298, dated 20.04.2016, and other existing legal and sub-legal acts. AKT is headquartered in Tirana and has its own circular seal specifying the legal name of the institution: “Republic of Albania” of the Ministry responsible for tourism and the “National Tourism Agency.”

The main function of the National Tourism Agency is to promote Albania as a tourist destination within the country and in the international tourism market.

For creating the image of Albania around the world, AKT implements contemporary digital marketing policies in the field of tourism.

In this context, the National Tourism Agency deals with organizing and managing Albania’s participation in international tourism fairs, digital promotion, publishing promotional materials, fun trips with various international tour operators and media groups, and other promotional activities.

Also, it is AKT’s duty to provide information for visitors, travelers, and tourists about tourist services, products, and destinations, for activities and other useful data; to promote the product and tourist destinations within and outside the country, collaborating with regional tourism offices, local authorities, and other bodies operating in the field of tourism.

Other functions of the agency include promoting investments in priority tourism development areas, collaborating with other public institutions for investment promotion in the country; initiating and encouraging tourism projects according to its field of activity, obtaining preliminary approval from the ministry responsible for tourism; proposing and drafting promotional materials in line with tourism market trends, and producing them; implementing the national tourism development strategy and the national marketing strategy for the tourism sector; proposing changes to legal and sub-legal acts in the field of tourism to the tourism minister, providing reasons related to these proposals; and also monitoring, improving, and updating the official Albanian tourism promotion website.

Additionally, AKT collects revenues from rental agreements for areas used for tourism development and makes deposits in accordance with existing legislation; controls the implementation and fulfillment of criteria for existing rental agreements and development agreements with “stimulated person” entities.

An added function of the National Tourism Agency is the conception, organization, and coordination of the National Calendar of Events for Cultural Tourism, Arts, Heritage, Sports, Culinary, and Tradition, through the TEA (Tourism Events of Albania) Application.

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