National Theatre

The National Theatre is the main theatre in Tirana. It has brought so many emotions and so much pleasure to theatre lovers. The present building dates to 1939. It was initially named the Kosovo Cinema. The theatre was inaugurated on 24th May, 1945, and was named the Professional Theatre of Albania. Later, during the communist regime, it was renamed the People’s Theatre, keeping that name until June 1991 when it became the National Theatre, as it is now. The first play performed here was a comedy entitled Topazi, directed by Sokrat Mio. Since then there have been countless plays performed on its stage. The best Albanian artists have performed among its scenes, greeted with ovations from the audience. The stage became a school for young artists. During the communist regime, not only were Albanian dramas performed here, but also those of foreign classic authors. From the 1990s, a number of comedies have been performed, some of which are still very popular and much loved by the Albanian public, such as Pallati 176 and 8 Persona Plus.

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Reference from: Visit Tirana