Independence monument

The monument placed in Rinia Park next to the capital’s central boulevard was inaugurated on 28th November 2012 as a symbol of Albania’s century of independence. The monument, some 6.5 metres high, 5.5 metres wide and weighing 15 tons, was created by artists Visar Obrija and Kai Kiklas in Austria. This monument is a symbol of Albanian nation’s resistance in difficult times and wars.

It is in a shape of an open tower, symbolizing the opening of Albania toward independence. ”It represents two shapes that together make an open  air and round tower. One part is the ceiling, and the other the floor. If you join together they create one rectangular tower.  Looking at the first part, the visitor gets the impression of repression, isolation of Albanian people, while the floor tower echoes the freedom and independence’- the artist Obrija explains the idea behind this statue.

This symbol is also a gratitude to all those heroes who fought for Albanian independence. The statue of Ismail Qemali, the man who declared Albania’s independence by raising the flag in Vlora in 1912 is situated in the same Boulevard, close to Post Blloku Monument.

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Reference from: Visit Tirana