The unveiling of Tourism Albania’s fresh branding logo

At the world’s largest Tourism Fair ITB Berlin 2024, the National Tourism Agency presented for the first time the logo, the new branding slogan of tourism Albania.
Zana Çela, the General Director of the National Tourism Agency, emphasized the significance of this unveiling, particularly in light of Albania being designated as a “Place of Honor” for ITB Berlin 2025. Under the slogan “Albania All Senses,” the presentation aimed to encapsulate the entirety of Albania’s tourism offerings, encompassing its diverse beauties and immersive experiences.
The slogan serves as an invitation to indulge in a rich, multi-sensory tourist experience, enticing visitors with the natural wonders, coastal melodies, aromas of traditional cuisine, historical and cultural depth, and commitment to environmental preservation and biodiversity.
Moving forward, Albania will be represented at international tourism events with the new logo, designed to visually represent the contours and colors of Albanian landscapes, alongside the slogan “Albania All Senses.” This logo will serve as the emblem for official events hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the National Tourism Agency.
Minister of Tourism Mirela Kumbaro highlighted the significance of the new logo and slogan in conveying the Ministry’s vision and the comprehensive tourist potential of Albania. By sharing the logo on social media platforms during the ITB Berlin fair, the Minister aimed to showcase Albania’s vibrant colors and rich sensations to a global audience.
Additionally, during the Fair, the director of AKT presented the TEA Calendar of artistic events, evolving into a comprehensive guide for tourists, providing information on hotels, restaurants, and other amenities necessary for an unforgettable and secure trip.