Tirana Castle ( Justinian Fortress )

The Fortress of Justinian, known simply as Tirana Castle is the only one found in the city centre. The fortress is where at one time the main east–west and north–south roads crossed, forming the heart of the town as it was then. The castle history dates back prior to 1300. The walls are 6 m high and are a remnant from the Byzantine era. It is located near to Parliament and the Academy of Sciences, not far from Skanderbeg Square. The recently exposed wall foundations have been incorporated into the pedestrianized Murat Toptani Street.

The castle is open for visitors since December 2018.

The “Old Bazaar” of the castle is the newest jewel added in Tirana, a great space where modern and tradition meets together. This area serves as a culinary environment for traditional cooking, but also as an area of culture and art.

In this cultural and commercial space there are souvenir shops with a focus on Tirana’s history, mosaics, traditional restaurants, etc. To make it more accessible, a new road will be built in the pedestrian service, which will connect it with the “Unaza” and the “Elbasan Street”.

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Reference from: Visit Tirana