Peza Village in Tirana

Peza, is a village approximately 35 minutes from the center of Tirana, is a popular place for locals to go for a coffee or lunch on the weekends to escape the city. After leaving the city, entering to the Peza road, you are surrounded by rolling hills, fields stretching across valleys and donkey led carts. Peza has a huge grass field which is highly populated during holidays for family picnics. Peza is known for its natural and fresh foods directly from farm to table. One can play football, tennis and other handball games while children can fly their balloons. It is fantastic for family trips. The most important event in Peza village is “Peza n’ fest” , the anniversary of National Liberation Front or Albanian Resistance foundation which took place in this village in a gathering called the Peza Conference. The Liberation front lead the way to Albania liberation from Nazis during World War II in 16 September 1942. Every year on 16 September, activities of partisan symbolism like: singing partisan songs around the fire, fight improvising and acting, are organized in Peza to commemorate the date. It is a real fun especially for young generations, who stand up all night dancing, drinking and singing.

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Reference from: Visit Tirana