Tourism Investments Conference/Investment Guide for Albania is presented

During the second day of the 70th Meeting of the Commission for Europe of the World Tourism Organization, the “Conference on Investments in Tourism and Economic Development of Europe and Albania” took center stage. This event was dedicated to promoting investments and showcasing successful cases and stories within the sector.

Participating in this conference were Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku, Minister of Economy, Culture, and Innovation Blendi Gonxhe, Minister of State for Local Government Arbian Mazniku, as well as ministers and representatives from the tourism industry across European countries.

In her address, Minister of Tourism and Environment Mirela Kumbaro emphasized that Albania has stepped into the forefront of the tourism industry, aligning with Europe’s approach to “Investments in Tourism and Economic Development” with a focus on sustainable development and environmental preservation as non-negotiable prerequisites for the future.

Minister Kumbaro highlighted that Albania offers an attractive investment environment supported by compelling figures, data, and fiscal incentives. She underscored that tourism has evolved into a full-fledged industry, signifying the nation’s readiness for strategic investments in this pivotal sector.

“Tourism is not just a matter of the number of visitors, but it is above all a matter of income and now this sector has become an industry, and we can say that. This is also measured by the income that came to the Albanian economy. Fully 4.2 billion euros of income from the tourism economy in the Albanian economy for 2023 – 2.8 billion was this figure for 2022. It is money that feeds the entire business chain in the country”, said Minister Kumbaro.

The General Secretary of the World Tourism Organization, Zurab Pololikashvili, shared his enthusiasm and fondness for Albania, acknowledging its stunning panorama, picturesque coastline, and majestic mountains. However, he emphasized the critical importance of infrastructure to unlock the full potential of these natural assets. Pololikashvili stressed the necessity of adequate airport facilities, regardless of the country’s size, as they serve as vital gateways for visitors.

Expressing his deep connection and affection for Albania, Pololikashvili commended the seriousness and dedication of its people, highlighting their commitment to work and partnership. He underscored the need for increased investment and economic activity in Albania, recognizing the country’s potential for growth and development in the tourism sector.

Pololikashvili expressed gratitude for being part of Albania’s success story and emphasized the importance of friendship and cooperation in achieving even greater accomplishments in the coming years. He concluded by praising the efforts of the Albanian people, noting that tourism serves as a significant economic driver for the country, benefiting families and communities alike.

Meanwhile, Natalia Bayona, the Executive Director of UNWTO, highlighted the investment potential in Albania’s tourism sector, emphasizing its attractiveness to potential investors. She pointed to concrete numbers that underscore Albania’s appeal as an investment destination and highlighted the effectiveness of the country’s investment promotion efforts. Bayona noted Albania’s strong performance at the European level, instilling confidence in its investment landscape.

Addressing attendees at the Conference on Investments in Tourism and Economic Development of Europe, Bayona encouraged active participation from private sector investors. She urged them to leverage UNWTO’s resources positively and constructively, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to collaboration in identifying promising opportunities.

During the session, UNWTO unveiled a comprehensive guide titled “Tourism Doing Business: Investing in Albania,” aimed at providing valuable insights and guidance for potential investors interested in Albania’s tourism sector. This initiative marked a significant step towards promoting investment and fostering sustainable economic development in Albania’s tourism industry.