Imagination in front of digital art in the first Digital Art Gallery in Albania

If this weekend finds you in Korça, the cultural and mystical heritage, do not hesitate to visit the first digital art gallery in Albania, and the region, to experience a different and special experience.

This fantastic experience is made possible by the immersive exhibition with images of the Museum of Medieval Art, “Albanian Iconography”, in the Digital Arts Gallery (GADK), opened at the end of December 2023 to welcome visitors and lovers of medieval art until February 29, 2024.

GADK, the first immersive digital art gallery in Korça and the region, which offers a fantastic visual journey through centuries of Albanian iconography, where vibrant colors illuminate cultural heritage.

This digital exhibition brings to life the masterpieces of well-known names such as Onufri, David Selenica, etc., showing their extraordinary work, works that characterize Albanian religious and cultural art.

In this multidimensional experience, classic masterpieces of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine era are revealed, which transcend time and technology, making you live magical moments in a world of angels and saints.

Welcome to GADK, where the boundaries of conventional art and creativity merge aesthetically beautifully.

GADK welcomes you from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 20:00.