Fjolla Lake in Tirana

This lake is situated in the Peza Village, about 35km far from  Tirana, on the old road from Tirana to Durrës. To reach this beautiful lake, you can drive until the entrance of the village itself, which is asphalted road, then turn left in a rural road but in good conditions until you arrive to your destination. The lake is surrounded from all the sides with green hills in different altitudes. It is amazing to see this place all in its natural shapes, with no buildings around. That means that the waters of the lake are very clean if you want to jump and swim on it. The colors of the waters are always in crystal deep green. The flora around the lake is very dense and natural. Apart admiring the nature, you can climb or hike in the hills around the lake. There are not marked signs to this destination. The view lake from the hills is just breathtaking.

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Reference from: Visit Tirana